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Right Direction

It feels good to be lost in the right direction.

I actually believe that people would care more about their look if they understood the power of visual stimuli and human relation.

Check  out the four components of personal style –

Many men go through life not ever developing a point of view. They dress as if it were a job, instead of a way to non-verbally communicate and effect those around them.

A Man’s Physical Appearances

Style starts with what you were born with.  To try to match this is an exercise in frustration.  If you look very bad in tight, hip-high jeans, wearing them isn’t going to make you fashionable no matter how “in” they are this year.  You have to dress what’s right for your physique type and complexion.

A Man’s Physical and Proficient Environment

Different weathers, different dresses — the best cut in the world won’t make a bushy wool suit useful.  Social climate plays just as important a role in decisive dress as well, with a man’s profession and relaxation activities taking a hand in the determining of his wardrobe.

A Man’s Financial and Time Assets

On the subject of unalterable truths, a man always has to keep his existing assets in mind.  A custom-tailored suit is a great piece of clothing to have — and a luxurious one.  Men on a restricted budget need to pick and choose their clothes carefully.

A Man’s Individual Style Wants

The final component for a man developing his personal style is his own wants.  What message does he desire his clothing to send?  A man’s clothing can direct his personal tastes and feelings.

A man who changes his own sense of style discovers he can say complex things with simple dress.  It’s time for you to learn.


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