Adarsh Gourav's Fitness Odyssey: Journey to 8% Body Fat for "Kho Gaye Hum Kahan"

Adarsh Gourav's Fitness Odyssey: Journey to 8% Body Fat for "Kho Gaye Hum Kahan"



Adarsh Gourav, acclaimed for his diverse roles since his 2021 debut, takes on a new dimension in the film "Kho Gaye Hum Kahan" by embodying the character of a fitness trainer. Gourav's on-screen metamorphosis to 8% body fat is not just a testament to his acting prowess but also a compelling physical narrative. We delve into the actor's fitness journey, exploring the meticulous process orchestrated by his trainer, Robin Behl, co-founder of The Tribe.

The Brad Pitt Reference:

Gourav's transformation was inspired by the physique of Brad Pitt in "Fight Club" and "Snatch." This set the tone for a rigorous fitness regimen tailored to match the script's demands. The actor acknowledges the pivotal role played by both his trainer, Robin Behl, and nutritionist, Mishti Khatri, in achieving this challenging goal.

Calisthenics as the Core:

Gourav's fitness journey embraced calisthenics, a discipline rooted in bodyweight exercises, pushing the boundaries of what the body can achieve. While incorporating traditional weight training, the focus on calisthenics, including mobility work, hanging, and strength projects, became central to his routine. Gourav's dedication to mastering new skill sets, such as muscle-ups with rings and L set two shoulder stands, added a thrilling dimension to his workouts.

Mind-Body Impact:

Beyond physical changes, Gourav highlights the positive impact on his mindset. The disciplined routine became a mechanism to release excess energy and aggression, providing a rare and liberating opportunity to be fully present in his body. The actor values the mental switch-off achieved through workouts.

Comprehensive Nutrition Plan:

Achieving 8% body fat demanded a strict nutrition plan crafted by Gourav's nutritionist, Mishti Khatri, in collaboration with Robin Behl. Transitioning to a high-protein diet of over 3000 calories per day, Gourav temporarily embraced a non-vegetarian diet, showcasing his commitment to the transformative process.

The Emotional and Dietary Balancing Act:

Managing Gourav's emotional well-being during the rigorous nutrition plan was crucial. Mishti Khatri played a pivotal role in ensuring that the actor's nutritional requirements did not adversely affect his mood. The collaboration extended to regular menu curation in consultation with Gourav's chef.

Actor Turned Trainer:

Gourav's commitment to understanding his body language during training sessions influenced his portrayal of a fitness trainer in the film. Behl notes the actor's keen observation and emulation of his mannerisms, showcasing Gourav's dedication to authenticity in his roles.


Adarsh Gourav's fitness journey to achieve 8% body fat reflects not just a physical transformation but a holistic approach to embodying a character. The collaboration between Gourav, Robin Behl, and Mishti Khatri exemplifies the synergy required to navigate the complexities of physical and emotional well-being during such transformative processes. Gourav's commitment to both his craft and fitness journey sets a noteworthy precedent in the industry.