Urban India's Festive Shopping Trends: A Shift from Diwali to Christmas

Urban India's Festive Shopping Trends: A Shift from Diwali to Christmas



The festive season in Urban India traditionally revolved around Diwali, marked by vibrant celebrations and high consumer spending. However, recent trends suggest a notable shift in shopping patterns, with Christmas emerging as a key period for increased spending and retail activity across malls and shopping districts.


The Transition: Christmas as the New Shopping Anchor

In the bustling shopping districts and malls of cities like Delhi and Mumbai, the advent of Christmas brings a surge in consumer spending. Arindam Kunar, Vice President at DLF Place Saket, highlights this shift, noting how people now allocate more spending towards Christmas, particularly on gifts and personal indulgences compared to Diwali.


Mall Preparations: From Decor to Experiential Shopping

Mall owners and directors are adapting to this transition by enhancing the festive shopping experience during Christmas. Malls like Select Citywalk and DLF Promenade in Delhi invest significantly in decorations, creating thematic experiences like Christmas flea markets and special activities for children. The focus is on creating an inviting ambiance that encourages increased spending.


Changing Nature of Purchases

Pushpa Bector, VP and Mall Head at DLF Promenade, observes a distinct change in shopping behavior during Christmas. People not only invest in winter wardrobes but also spend more on celebratory elements like party outfits. The festive mood encourages more extensive social interactions, prompting varied purchases aligned with the season's spirit.


Attention on Children and Seasonal Launches

DLF Place Saket's Disney Christmas Festival and the launch of winter fashion lines play a pivotal role in driving increased spending during Christmas. This combination of festivities and new product launches proves attractive, contributing to a notable rise in consumer expenditure.


Regional Disparities: Bangalore's Differentiated Approach

While Urban India witnesses a significant uptick in Christmas spending, Bangalore stands apart due to regional customs. The period from December 15 to January 15 is considered inauspicious in much of the South, leading to lower buying activity during this time. Diwali remains the primary shopping occasion in this region, emphasizing the varied regional consumer behavior across the country.



Despite regional variations, the general trend across Urban India showcases a remarkable shift in consumer spending patterns. Christmas, once overshadowed by Diwali, has emerged as a pivotal period for malls and retailers. The festive spirit, coupled with themed shopping experiences and seasonal launches, has redefined the shopping landscape, encouraging higher spends and driving profitability for businesses during the Christmas season