Celebrities Turned Entrepreneurs: A Look at Four Male Celebrity-Founded Brands in 2023

Celebrities Turned Entrepreneurs: A Look at Four Male Celebrity-Founded Brands in 2023


In a landscape where fame transcends the boundaries of their primary industries, several male celebrities have ventured beyond their traditional careers to establish successful brands. These stars, leveraging their influence and passions, have dived into entrepreneurship, introducing innovative ventures across various sectors.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo's Ursu: The Art of Hydration

Renowned footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, already a household name, expanded his business portfolio with Ursu, an alkaline, mineral-rich water brand bottled in Ávila, Spain. Partnering with Aguas Minerales de Ávila, Ronaldo invested an initial 10 million euros into this venture, envisioning substantial growth and relevance in the coming years.


Ursu aims to differentiate itself by offering medicinal hydration, catering not only to athletes but to a broader consumer base. Ronaldo's dedication to health and quality led him to this venture, reflecting his commitment to excellence beyond the football field.


2. Snoop Dogg's Dr. Bombay Ice Cream: A Cool Collaboration

Renowned rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg teamed up with Happi Co. to introduce "Dr. Bombay Ice Cream" across 3,500 Walmart stores. Inspired by Snoop Dogg's NFT character, the ice cream line boasts seven flavors, each priced at $4.98 per container. Snoop Dogg's passion for creating joy and relaxation through ice cream drives this delectable venture.


3. Aryan Khan's D'Yavol X: Luxury Streetwear with a Vision

Stepping into the fashion world, Aryan Khan, son of Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan, launched D'Yavol X, a luxury streetwear brand. The brand, with its mysterious and exclusive approach, debuted with limited releases that quickly sold out. Aryan Khan's venture embraces streetwear's comfort and versatility while focusing on quality craftsmanship and unique design interpretations.


4. John Legend's Loved01: Skincare for All

EGOT winner John Legend ventured into skincare with Loved01, a unisex skincare line catering specifically to melanin-rich skin. Developed in collaboration with dermatologist Dr. Naana Boakye, this line offers a range of affordable products priced between $10 to $15. Legend's brand aims to address inclusivity issues in the skincare industry, offering accessible, dermatologist-approved solutions.


These celebrity-founded brands represent a broader trend of stars harnessing their influence and expertise to create impactful ventures beyond their primary careers. Their foray into entrepreneurship not only showcases their business acumen but also reflects their commitment to offering innovative and inclusive products to a global audience.


While their ventures span diverse industries—from water and ice cream to luxury fashion and skincare—the common thread among these celebrity entrepreneurs remains their dedication to quality, innovation, and their ability to cater to the needs of a broad consumer base.