Wisdom From the Trenches: 10 Business Tips for Aspiring Startup Founders"

Wisdom From the Trenches: 10 Business Tips for Aspiring Startup Founders"



In an interview with the founders of The GirlFriend Box—Shubham Singhal, Vaibhav Pathak, and Om Singh—we gleaned invaluable insights into their entrepreneurial journey. Beyond the success of their digital-first agency, the founders shared ten profound business tips for aspiring startup founders, reflecting their collective wisdom and experiences.

• Embrace Lifelong Learning:

The founders unanimously stress the importance of continuous learning. Shubham Singhal emphasises that one is never too old to learn, highlighting the ever-present opportunity to gain knowledge from various sources, including political leaders, employees, and anyone willing to share insights.

• Prioritise Adaptability:

Shubham Singhal emphasises the significance of being adaptable. Startups operate in dynamic environments, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and market trends is crucial for long-term success. Flexibility and openness to change are key attributes for navigating the uncertainties of entrepreneurship.

• Believe in People:

Vaibhav Pathak encourages founders to be believers in people—partners, employees, and clients alike. Having faith in the capabilities and potential of individuals fosters a positive and collaborative work environment, contributing to the magic that can unfold when everyone is aligned.

• Build Strong Relationships:

Vaibhav Pathak underscores the importance of building strong relationships, not just in business but also in personal life. Networking, collaborating, and nurturing meaningful connections contribute to a robust support system that can help founders overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

• Cultivate Listening Skills:

Om Singh advocates for the power of listening over speaking. Founders should prioritise listening to their team members, clients, and the market. Singh suggests that by becoming good listeners, entrepreneurs can find solutions to half of their problems, demonstrating the importance of staying attuned to the needs and insights of others.

• Lead by Example:

Om Singh advises startup founders to lead by example. Being actively involved in the day-to-day operations and embodying the values and work ethic expected from the team sets a positive tone for the entire organisation.

• Focus on Problem-Solving:

Vaibhav Pathak suggests that startups should be built on a foundation of problem-solving. Identifying challenges and finding innovative solutions should be at the core of the business model. This approach not only adds value to the market but also differentiates the startup from competitors.

• Maintain Transparency:

Shubham Singhal highlights the importance of transparency. Both within the team and with external stakeholders, clear and open communication fosters trust and credibility. This transparency extends to the business model, ensuring fairness and honesty in dealings.

• Balance Vision and Execution:

Om Singh advises founders to strike a balance between vision and execution. While having a grand vision is essential, the ability to execute plans effectively is equally critical. This balance ensures that the startup not only dreams big but also turns those dreams into tangible achievements.

• Persevere Through Challenges:

The founders collectively stress the importance of perseverance. Challenges are inevitable in the entrepreneurial journey, and maintaining resilience in the face of adversity is key. Perseverance, coupled with a positive mindset, enables founders to navigate through tough times and emerge stronger.


The insights shared by the founders of The GirlFriend Box provide a roadmap for aspiring startup founders. From the commitment to lifelong learning and belief in people to the emphasis on adaptability, problem-solving, and transparency, these tips reflect the collective wisdom gained from years of entrepreneurial experience. By weaving these principles into the fabric of their startups, aspiring founders can navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship with resilience, purpose, and a commitment to continuous improvement. As the startup landscape evolves, these tips serve as guiding beacons for those who dare to embark on the exhilarating journey of building their own ventures.