Emmy Awards 2024 Red Carpet: Celebrity Menswear Highlights

Emmy Awards 2024 Red Carpet: Celebrity Menswear Highlights


The 75th Primetime Emmy Awards finally graced the red carpet after a long delay due to the Hollywood strikes. As TV's most prestigious event, all eyes were on the stars and their fashion choices. Here's a rundown of the best celebrity menswear looks from the night:

7. Tom Colicchio:

Chef Tom Colicchio made a statement with his attire, exuding confidence in a sleek ensemble. His classy outfit added a touch of sophistication to the red carpet, showcasing timeless style.

17075467457 Tom Colicchio.jpg

6. Lee Sung Jin:

Lee Sung Jin showcased strong shoulders and bold fashion choices with his ensemble, featuring tabi shoes for a unique twist. His confident demeanor and avant-garde outfit made a striking impression on the red carpet.

17075467456- Lee Sung Jin.jpg

5. Stephen Manas:

Channeling Old Hollywood energy, Stephen Manas radiated classic charm in his red carpet appearance. His timeless yet stylish outfit exuded sophistication, capturing the essence of Hollywood's golden era.

17075467455- Stephen Manas.jpg

4. Jeffrey W. Byrd:

Jeffrey W. Byrd turned heads in an all-velvet tuxedo, epitomizing luxury and elegance. His choice of attire reflected a sense of opulence, making a bold statement on the red carpet.

17075467454- Jeffrey W. Byrd.jpg

3. Adam Brody:

Adam Brody's ensemble featured a perfectly deployed cummerbund, adding a touch of refinement to his overall look. His attention to detail and impeccable style showcased his fashion-forward sensibility.

17075467463. Adam Brody.jpg

2. Matty Matheson:

Matty Matheson embraced unconventional fashion with his choice of fisherman sandals on the red carpet. His daring footwear added a unique flair to his ensemble, making a memorable statement.

17075467462. Matty Matheson.jpg

1. Joel Kim Booster:

Joel Kim Booster stole the spotlight with his chocolate brown tuxedo adorned with a striking brooch. His ensemble was a subtle yet standout choice, showcasing sophistication and style on the red carpet.

1707546746Joel Kim Booster_- 1.jpg

From classic elegance to bold statements, these celebrity menswear looks at the Emmy Awards 2024 red carpet captivated audiences and set the bar high for fashion excellence in the entertainment industry.