TURMS Intelligent Apparel: Transforming the Fashion Landscape with Innovation and Celeb-Endorsed Style

TURMS Intelligent Apparel: Transforming the Fashion Landscape with Innovation and Celeb-Endorsed Style


TURMS Intelligent Apparel: Transforming the Fashion Landscape with Innovation and Celeb-Endorsed Style

In the dynamic realm of fashion tech, TURMS Intelligent Apparel has emerged not just as a brand but as a pioneer reshaping the industry's very fabric. Founded by Surender Singh Rajpurohit, former CXO of Volvo-Eicher CV, South Africa, TURMS has become synonymous with cutting-edge innovation in garment technology, attracting attention not only from fashion enthusiasts but also celebrities like MS Dhoni.


A Game-Changing Arrival

Rapidly ascending to fame, TURMS soared as India's fastest-growing fashion tech brand, making waves as a primary contender to the global fashion giant UNIQLO. This acclaim was driven by their innovative fusion of nanotechnology and the extraordinary properties of red aloe vera, setting new benchmarks in sustainable and performance-driven fashion.

Innovative Technologies Redefining Fashion

At the core of TURMS’ success lies a groundbreaking product range:

TURMS Stain Repel: An ingenious anti-stain and anti-odor technology keeping clothes fresh despite daily challenges.

TURMS Chill Flex: Melding cooling, wicking, and quick-dry capabilities for unparalleled comfort, ideal for India's diverse climate.

TURMS Fresh Guard: A revolutionary solution banishing odors, ensuring day-long freshness and confidence.

Revolutionary Product Line

TURMS offers an extensive array of revolutionary products:

1.     30 DAY FRESH - NO WASH JEANS: A travel-friendly edition ensuring skin-friendly, stain-free, and odor-free denim.

2.     4 in 1 T-Shirts: Marked with anti-stain and anti-odor properties, these shirts boast extra softness and extended durability.

3.    Fearless Whites Range of Shirts: Resistant to coffee, tea, and juice stains across all shirt varieties.

4.    7 Day No Smell Premium Socks (Travel Edition): Promising odor-free comfort during travels.

5.    AC-COOL TECH T-Shirts: Keeping wearers cooler by 3 degrees than the ambient temperature.

6.    Premium Chinos with Anti Stain and Anti Odor.

Red Aloe Vera: Nature's Touch

One standout feature is TURMS’ integration of red aloe vera into their products. This natural element not only enhances fabric feel and softness but also minimizes skin irritation, promising unparalleled comfort and luxury.


Sustainability in Focus

Founder & CEO Surender S. Rajpurohit envisions a future where fashion meets technology seamlessly. TURMS’ research revolves around sustainability, aligning product innovation and manufacturing processes with eco-conscious practices.


Recognition and Investments

Acknowledging its strides in innovation, TURMS secured investments from luminaries like Pawan Patodiya, Chairman of Kolkata Thunderbolts, along with industry stalwarts Prabhakar Sunder and Yogesh Choudhary. Participation in Marwari Catalyst startup accelerator further fortified its position as a rising star in fashion tech.


Industry Impact and Celebrity Endorsement

The brand's impact extends to MS Dhoni, celebrated for both his style and leadership. Dhoni’s consistent endorsement of TURMS apparel amplified its social media presence, reinforcing its appeal among fashion-savvy consumers.


Widening Availability

TURMS’ availability on its website, Amazon, Flipkart, and upcoming platforms like Myntra, Ajio, Tata Cliq, and Nykaa ensures its accessibility to discerning customers seeking a fusion of technology, sustainability, and style.


Conclusion: Forging a Fashionable Future

TURMS Intelligent Apparel isn't just a brand; it symbolises a paradigm shift toward a future where fashion converges with technology. It promises clothing that's not only smarter and more sustainable but effortlessly stylish. TURMS stands as a testament to Indian innovation, leading the charge in fashion tech, setting the stage for a more eco-conscious and technologically advanced fashion landscape.