"Elevate Your Grooming Routine: 5 Homegrown Skincare Brands for Men Recommended By Our Founder

"Elevate Your Grooming Routine: 5 Homegrown Skincare Brands for Men Recommended By Our Founder



In the ever-evolving landscape of skincare, men's grooming has taken center stage, with homegrown brands recognizing the unique needs of men's skin. As men's skincare needs go beyond basic face washes and moisturizers, several Indian brands have emerged, addressing specific concerns such as thicker skin, sebaceous glands, and slower healing. This article explores five exceptional homegrown skincare brands that offer a range of grooming essentials tailored for men, promising effective results without breaking the bank.


Qraa: Blending Tradition with Technology

Qraa stands out by seamlessly combining ancient wisdom from the Vedas with 21st-century technology to create skincare and grooming products catering to men. The De-Tan Scrub, infused with grounded sweet almonds, tea tree oil, and clove oil, exemplifies their commitment to natural ingredients. The Beard Vitaliser, enriched with essential oils, promotes effective beard growth. Qraa products are not only free from harmful chemicals but also cruelty-free, providing a guilt-free grooming experience.


Pink Woolf: Elevating the Shaving Experience

Pink Woolf focuses on providing men with the best shaving experience at home. The brand offers a comprehensive range of shaving products, including creams, pre-shave oils, and brushes, ensuring that all facial grooming needs are met effortlessly. Beyond shaving essentials, Pink Woolf extends its product line to include skincare essentials such as sunscreen and bathing soaps, accompanied by grooming accessories like combs and brush stands.


Minimalist: Transparency in Skincare

Founded in 2020, Minimalist places transparency at the core of its values, providing customers with clear insights into skincare product ingredients. The brand offers vitamin C and niacinamide serums that go beyond the basics, enriching morning and evening skincare routines. In addition to skincare, Minimalist presents haircare and body products backed by research and science, ensuring a holistic grooming experience.


Mantittude: Tailored Skincare Solutions

Mantittude, founded by Kavala Soma Greeshma, was born out of a deep dive into skincare research prompted by her husband's unexpected skin issues. Recognizing the gap in the market for men's skincare in India, Mantittude addresses specific needs with products like the bamboo charcoal-infused face wash and a moisturizer containing sodium hyaluronate, caffeine extract, ceramide NP, and glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract. These ingredients promise to deliver a clean and fresh feeling while hydrating dry skin.


Moody: Vibrant Minimalism

Moody takes a minimalistic yet vibrant approach to skincare packaging, offering products that not only enhance your grooming routine but also brighten your day. Their fragrances and perfumes add a touch of luxury to your routine and make for ideal gifts, especially during festive seasons. Moody's range of products goes beyond the essentials, adding a touch of style to your grooming regimen.



As the skincare industry recognizes the diverse needs of men, these homegrown brands are at the forefront of delivering tailored solutions. Whether you're in search of natural ingredients, a superior shaving experience, transparent skincare, or a touch of vibrancy in your grooming routine, these brands have you covered. Embrace the excellence of Indian skincare with these homegrown gems, and elevate your grooming routine to new heights.