A Nostalgic Journey: 8 School-Time Things That Define the 90s Kid Experience

A Nostalgic Journey: 8 School-Time Things That Define the 90s Kid Experience



The 90s was an era marked by its simplicity and the absence of modern complexities. For those who grew up in this distinctive period, school life was a treasure trove of memories, filled with unique experiences that continue to evoke nostalgia. This article takes a detailed stroll down memory lane, exploring eight school-time things that resonate deeply with every 90s kid.

1. Marbles: More Than Marvel

In the world of 90s schoolyards, marbles (kanche) held a special allure. These small, spherical pieces were not just game accessories; they were our Marvel superheroes, accompanying us in daily victories and playful teasing of friends.

2. Silly Zero Period Games: Name-Place-Animal-Thing and More

Indoor games like Name-Place-Animal-Thing, FLAMES, Tic-Tac-Toe (Zero-kanta), and Tippi-Tippi-Tap were the lifelines of our school life. From predicting future relationships through FLAMES to building vocabulary with Name-Place-Animal-Thing, these games shaped our formative years.

3. Funny Drawings from Classmates

Friendships during school days were sacrosanct. Funny drawings exchanged at the back of notebooks and chits passed discreetly behind the teacher's back were the currency of these bonds. These comical sketches are cherished remnants of the camaraderie we shared.

4. The Precious Geometry Box: A Symbol of Mathematical Dread

No 90s school life is complete without the mention of the revered geometry box. Housing a compass, protector, divider, and set-square, it was a prized possession, despite the constant threat of instruments mysteriously disappearing, never to be seen again.

5. The Tuition Stroll: A No-Tuition-Today Joy

The joyous stroll to tuitions that miraculously turned into a 'no-tuition-today' affair was a rite of passage for every 90s kid. These unexpected breaks were opportunities for important 'meetings' to strategize crush proposals and create lasting memories.

6. Skipping the School Assembly: A Calculated Risk

Enduring the school assembly was a challenge, especially after a punishing math class. Skipping the assembly became an art, often leading to creative excuses to avoid the scorching heat or the meticulous scrutiny of uniforms.

7. The School Bus/Van Catastrophe: Squeezed Lemons on Wheels

Whether Team School Bus or Team School Van, the transportation ordeal was real. Squeezed into vehicles like overburdened lemons, students faced the struggle of cramped spaces and backpacks weighing more than the students themselves.

8. Eating Lunch in Class and Playing During Recess: A Backbencher's Art

Backbenchers perfected the art of consuming lunch with poker faces during class, all for the coveted recess playtime. Memories include distributing birthday toffees, skipping classes, indulging in free-period art classes, and making 'god promises' of eternal friendship.


The 90s school life was a tapestry woven with unique threads of camaraderie, innocent games, and memorable escapades. From marbles to geometry boxes, each element contributed to the rich fabric of our formative years. As we reminisce about these school-time things, the nostalgia transports us to an era when life was simpler, and friendships were unfiltered and everlasting.