Revolutionizing Fitness for a Holistic Lifestyle Revolutionizing Fitness for a Holistic Lifestyle



In today's fast-paced world, prioritizing fitness is paramount, and stands at the forefront of this health revolution. Established in 2016 by entrepreneurs Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori, has redefined the health and fitness landscape in India. With an ethos rooted in proactive health management, this pioneering platform offers comprehensive online and offline fitness solutions.


Formerly known as, transcends traditional fitness paradigms. It operates both online and through its physical gyms, offering a diverse array of fitness programs. From video-based live classes to yoga, meditation, strength training, and specialized workouts, caters to diverse fitness needs. The platform's accessibility via an app ensures seamless access to a plethora of fitness regimes, tailored to individual requirements.

Industry Presence's presence in the health and fitness industry is formidable. As global health awareness increases, the fitness app downloads in India have surged significantly, underpinning the growing market demand. This surge, amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, underscores's proactive response, expanding its services to meet the holistic health needs of its users.

Founders and Leadership

The brainchild of Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori, embodies their vision of a holistic health platform. With Bansal's entrepreneurial acumen and Nagori's expertise in business and investment, the duo revolutionized fitness offerings in India. Bansal's track record in e-commerce with Myntra and Nagori's stint at Flipkart laid the groundwork for's inception.

Business Model and Revenue Streams's business model operates through online and offline platforms, fostering interactive coaching and engagement. Its revenue streams primarily emanate from fitness verticals, including gym memberships, online classes, and specialized programs. Post-pandemic, the brand capitalized on online home workouts, mental health programs, and a diverse library of content, contributing significantly to its revenue.

Expanding Horizons

The brand's strategic acquisitions, such as Gold's Gym, signify its ambitions for global expansion. Evolve Yoga, a recent addition, introduces a novel yoga style aimed at enhancing mobility and flexibility.'s partnerships with HRX Gyms and Mirchi 95 highlight its commitment to holistic fitness solutions.

Financial Performance's financial trajectory underscores its commitment to growth. With operating revenue reaching Rs 1,493 crore in 2023, the company's strategic decisions have driven operational efficiency and improved EBITDA margins.

Future Endeavours's future plans encompass a steadfast commitment to offering best-in-class health and fitness services. Its three-pronged approach, catering to fitness, diet, and mental health, underscores its dedication to holistic well-being. The brand continues to innovate, setting industry benchmarks in functional fitness workouts.

Conclusion emerges as a frontrunner in redefining fitness landscapes, fostering a culture of holistic health management. With visionary leadership, innovative fitness programs, strategic acquisitions, and a robust financial trajectory, remains committed to its goal of empowering individuals to achieve a well-groomed physique through functional fitness workouts.

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