Lakshadweep vs. Maldives: Choosing Your Ideal Tropical Getaway in 2024

Lakshadweep vs. Maldives: Choosing Your Ideal Tropical Getaway in 2024


"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." – Jacques Yves Cousteau

The allure of oceanic wonders often draws travellers to beautiful island destinations, each possessing a unique charm and captivating beauty. Among these, two prominent jewels emerge—Lakshadweep and the Maldives. Positioned amidst the vast ocean, these islands beckon travellers with enticing possibilities for water sports and nature, creating an irresistible allure for every explorer.

Places to Visit: Lakshadweep vs. Maldives

Maldives: A paradise comprising naturally formed atolls, teeming with aquatic life and vibrant communities across its 300 islands. Key destinations include:

• Mahe: The capital city adorned with colourful buildings and an Islamic mosque. Beaches here offer myriad water sports.

• Maafushi: Famous for striking beaches and the intriguing Maafushi prison. Ideal for snorkelling, beach walks, and sunbathing.

• Hithadhoo: A postcard-perfect destination with natural reserves like Addu Nature Park and Eedhigalli Kilhi.

Lakshadweep: Comprising 36 islands, it's a haven of sun-kissed sandy beaches nestled amidst diverse flora and fauna. Must-visit locales include:

• Minicoy Island: Renowned for its beaches and numerous lagoons, adding to its allure.

• Kavaratti: The archipelago's capital, surrounded by abundant lagoons and offering activities like scuba diving and aquarium tours.

• Kadmat Island: Known for its coral reefs, perfect for snorkeling and marine reserve tours.

Topographical Features: Maldives vs. Lakshadweep

The Maldives, a tiny island country in the Laccadive Sea with 1192 islands, predominantly tranquil beaches, exotic resorts, and diverse water sports.

Lakshadweep, with 36 islands, boasts sun-kissed sandy beaches amid diverse flora and fauna. Its relaxed pace makes it a popular tourist destination.

Best Time to Visit: Maldives vs. Lakshadweep

• Maldives: Ideal between November-April, with peak tourist season from December-March.

• Lakshadweep: Can be visited from Oct-Mid May.

Ideal Duration: Maldives vs. Lakshadweep

• Maldives: 7-10 days for comprehensive island hopping.

• Lakshadweep: 5-6 days to explore all 36 islands, indulge in water sports, and savor local experiences.

Currency: Maldives vs. Lakshadweep

• Maldives: Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)

• Lakshadweep: Indian Rupee (INR), equivalent to approximately 1 MVR = 4.63 INR.

Average Budget: Maldives vs. Lakshadweep

• Maldives: Approx. INR 17,500/day per couple.

• Lakshadweep: Approx. INR 7,300/day per couple.

Visa Requirements: Maldives vs. Lakshadweep

• Maldives: 30-day visa issued on arrival. For Indians visiting Lakshadweep, no visa is needed. Foreign tourists require an Indian visa for entry.

Shopping: Maldives vs. Lakshadweep

• Maldives: Vibrant markets offering garments, local delicacies, home decor, and cosmetics. Prime spots include Male local market and Majeedhee Magu.

• Lakshadweep: Fewer shopping places, with Agatti Island, Kavaratti, and Minicoy islands offering coconut-based products and fish items.

Transportation: Maldives vs. Lakshadweep

• Maldives: Limited options like bikes, bicycles, ferries, and speedboats. Ideal for island hopping.

• Lakshadweep: Ships are the primary mode of transport due to no road connectivity between islands.


Both Lakshadweep and the Maldives offer serene and spectacular experiences, brimming with aquatic life, nature, resorts, and sun-kissed shores. With enchanting water sports and underwater activities, these destinations promise an unforgettable vacation. Whether you choose Lakshadweep or the Maldives, immerse yourself in the splendor of these beautiful endeavors.