Sangya Project: Empowering Journeys through Destigmatized Sex Education and Pleasure

Sangya Project: Empowering Journeys through Destigmatized Sex Education and Pleasure


In a world where societal norms often shroud discussions on sex, pleasure, and sexuality in taboo, the Sangya Project emerges as a beacon of light, founded by a queer and poly family. This visionary initiative strives to destigmatize, educate, and affirm, creating a space where personal narratives are celebrated, and individual needs always take precedence.


Founders Pioneering Change


The driving force behind Sangya Project lies in the diverse backgrounds of its founders: Shweta, Tanisha, and Aashish. Shweta, a seasoned litigating lawyer, returned to her roots after a decade of legal practice, recognizing the prevailing taboo surrounding sexual awareness in the country. Her mission: to equip individuals with the tools to understand sexual health better.


Tanisha, a wildlife conservationist turned social impact researcher, brings a unique perspective to the table. Their journey as a queer and nonbinary survivor of violence, coupled with training in Comprehensive Sex Education, fuels their commitment to documenting lived experiences. Through this, they hope to reshape societal mindsets and narratives in academia, pop culture, and policy.


Aashish, a multi-talented artist with a flair for writing, producing, directing, and creating erotic art, dreams of a more accessible India where literature and tools for discovering one's sexuality are readily available. Sangya Project becomes the vessel through which he aims to fulfil this dream.


Sangya Project: Beyond Pleasure


The Sangya Project is more than just an online store for pleasure products. It is a testament to the founders' dedication to creating a vibrant community rooted in sex education. The emergence of Sangya Life reflects their commitment to providing high-quality, science-backed products and information, fostering a holistic approach to wellness.


"At Sangya Life, your needs come first as we transform wellness together," says the project, emphasising its role as a trusted partner on the journey to empowerment. This is not merely a marketplace; it's a movement that aspires to shape an inclusive world where wellness knows no stigma, celebrating the uniqueness of each individual.


A Thoughtful Approach to Packaging


Sangya Project goes beyond just products; it challenges societal norms even in its packaging choices. The deliberate use of all-black packaging is a symbolic statement against the historic shame associated with natural bodily functions and desires.


The choice of black is not mere simplicity but a bold move toward transformation and empowerment. By repurposing a symbol of shame into something elegant and dignified, Sangya encourages individuals to take significant steps towards proudly owning their bodies and desires. It's a small yet impactful revolution against the subtle stigmas ingrained in our societal conditioning.


Owning Sexuality in a Nuanced Way


While Sangya encourages individuals to own their sexuality, it acknowledges the nuanced journey required to reach that point. Breaking free from generations of conditioning, both familial and cultural, is not an overnight endeavour. The project recognizes the steps needed to overcome the deeply ingrained shame associated with our bodies and desires.


From the inconspicuous black bags at medical stores to the societal pressure to hide bodily functions, Sangya acknowledges the layers of shame and aims to unravel them. It's about transforming the narrative, one elegant black package at a time, fostering a community that takes pride in their bodies and desires.




The Sangya Project is not merely a business venture; it's a movement that challenges societal norms, empowers individuals, and celebrates the diversity of human experiences. In a world where conversations about sex are often silenced, Sangya speaks loudly, promoting a future where everyone can explore their sexuality openly and unapologetically. It's a testament to the power of education, community, and transformation in breaking free from the shackles of stigma.