Breaking Barriers: 7 Couple-Friendly Hotel Chains Redefining Accommodation Norms

Breaking Barriers: 7 Couple-Friendly Hotel Chains Redefining Accommodation Norms


A Guide to Safe and Non-Judgmental Stay Experiences

Travelling with a partner can be a rewarding experience, yet finding accommodation that respects the choices of unmarried couples can often pose a significant challenge due to societal norms. In a stride toward inclusivity and understanding, several hotel chains are now offering safe and secure spaces without judgment for unmarried couples, redefining the traditional lodging landscape.

1. Stay Uncle: A Safe Haven for Couples

Stay Uncle stands out for its dedicated focus on providing safe and comfortable accommodations for unmarried couples across India. The platform actively promotes a sex-positive environment, fostering a space devoid of judgment. With a presence in over 40 cities and ongoing expansions, Stay Uncle continues to prioritize safety and comfort for couples.

2. FabHotels: Reliable and Accessible Stay

FabHotels offers a couple-friendly environment, ensuring a secure stay for unmarried couples. The chain boasts a straightforward booking process, enhancing accessibility across various Indian cities, making it an appealing choice for leisure travelers seeking comfortable lodging.

3. OYO Rooms: Affordable and Trusted

Known for its affordability and safety, OYO Rooms is a popular choice for unmarried couples seeking secure accommodations. The chain's widespread presence and affordability make it a reliable option for travelers seeking a comfortable stay without compromising on safety.

4. Brevistay: Flexible and Convenient

Brevistay specializes in short-stay accommodations, catering primarily to couples and travelers seeking flexible booking options. Offering a range of budget-friendly choices in various locations, the chain emphasizes customer control with flexible check-in and check-out timings.

5. MiStay: Tailored for Precise Timeframes

MiStay focuses on providing travelers, especially couples, with flexible check-in and check-out timings, catering to specific timeframes for their hotel reservations. This makes it suitable for brief stays, stopovers, and diverse lodging needs, all while ensuring affordability.

6. LuvStay: Comfortable and Non-Judgmental Spaces

LuvStay prides itself on being a couple-friendly booking platform, striving to create a comfortable and non-judgmental environment for unmarried couples. Their user-friendly app streamlines the booking process, ensuring a secure and hassle-free experience.

7. Treebo Hotels: Inclusive Travel Experiences

Initially catering to travelers, Treebo Hotels expanded its offerings to include couple-friendly accommodations. The chain aims to counteract moral policing that often taints travel experiences for unmarried couples by offering a variety of hotels across different cities.


While societal norms regarding unmarried couples living together persist, these hotel chains serve as beacons of inclusivity and safety, providing a semblance of respect and understanding in the realm of accommodations.