Dapperly Tamed Unveils The Third Edition of The Men Series 'The Men Who Are Crafting Our Dine-n-Night'

Dapperly Tamed Unveils The Third Edition of The Men Series 'The Men Who Are Crafting Our Dine-n-Night'


In the realm where sophistication meets flavors and ambiances weave tales, Dapperly Tamed proudly presents its latest gem under The Men Series - "The Men Who Are Crafting Our Dine-n-Night." This isn't just another podcast; it's an exploration into the hearts and minds behind the culinary wizardry, featuring VRO Hospitality's visionary founders. Oh, and our very own Abheshek Garg, Founder of Dapperly Tamed, is at the heart of it all, joined by the seasoned Prateek Thakkar as our guiding maestro.

VRO Hospitality: A Sartorial Feast for the Palate

Picture this: VRO Hospitality, a culinary atelier based in Bangalore, spreading its gastronomic charm across Chennai, Cochin, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. With the infusion of a Series A spark, VRO Hospitality proudly hosts a gastronomic symphony under the banners of Mirage, Plan B, Cafe Noir, Nevermind, Badmaash, One night at Bangkok, and Tycoons.

Founded in 2018, VRO Hospitality has become synonymous with groundbreaking events, exceptional food, unmatched service, and the curation of culinary experiences that linger in the minds of its patrons. This is not just a restaurant chain; it's a movement, a statement, and a celebration of diverse culinary traditions tailored for every demographic.

A Dapper Symphony of Growth and Flavor

Fast forward to the present, and VRO Hospitality stands tall as the fastest-growing F&B sensation in India. With a footprint across 27+ outlets in India and Dubai, the brand is not just disrupting the scene; it's crafting a narrative that resonates with gastronomes across borders. But the story doesn't end there - with 24 projects in the pipeline, each carrying the essence of VRO's flagship brands, the brand is poised to redefine the culinary landscape on an even grander scale.

Introducing "The Men Who Are Crafting Our Dine-n-Night"

Abheshek Garg, the visionary behind Dapperly Tamed, brings forth a podcast that transcends the surface of culinary excellence. "The Men Who Are Crafting Our Dine-n-Night" isn't just a podcast; it's an immersive journey into the minds crafting the magic. Dawn Thomas, Safdhar Adoor, Sharath Rice - the trio behind VRO Hospitality, share their tales, their visions, and the challenges that shape the culinary tapestry. And guiding us through this flavorful narrative is Prateek Thakkar, the seasoned influencer and manager at Diageo India.

Meet the Dapper Minds Behind the Culinary Magic

Dawn Thomas - The Culinary Maestro:

At the tender age of 16, Dawn Thomas embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with Rices Obliquity & SteppinOut, sowing the seeds for what would later become VRO Hospitality. His journey, marked by a commitment to culinary excellence, has seen him evolve into a culinary maestro. As Co-Founder and Managing Director of VRO Hospitality, his vision and passion have been pivotal in shaping the brand into the culinary powerhouse it is today.

Safdhar Adoor - The Flavorful Strategist:

Safdhar Adoor, the strategic mind behind VRO Hospitality, brings over a decade of experience in the food and beverage industry to the culinary table. His journey, marked by strategic moves and an acute understanding of the industry, saw him co-found SteppinOut in 2014. The success story didn't end there - Safdhar played a pivotal role in the company's acquisition, not once but twice. First, in 2020, when Dineout, a division of Times Internet, acquired SteppinOut, and then again in 2022, when Swiggy recognized the brand's potential. Safdhar's return to VRO Hospitality has been nothing short of a strategic homecoming, injecting fresh vigour into the brand's aggressive expansion plans.

Sharath Rice - The Strategic Craftsman:

Completing this triad of culinary virtuosos is Sharath Rice, Director, and Co-Founder of VRO Hospitality. Sharath's strategic insights have been the cornerstone of the brand's success. His ability to navigate the complexities of the F&B industry, coupled with a keen understanding of market dynamics, has positioned VRO Hospitality as a formidable player in the culinary landscape. As the brand expands its reach nationally and internationally, Sharath's strategic craftsmanship remains integral to the realisation of VRO's growth roadmap.

Prateek Thakkar: The Dapper Conductor of Influence:

Moderating this culinary symposium is Prateek Thakkar, Manager of Brand Partnerships, Content, Influencer & Advocacy at Diageo India. Prateek's journey from one of India's oldest bloggers to a seasoned influencer is a tale of authenticity and raw storytelling. His content spans Food, Tech, Travel, Men's Fashion, and Parenting, reflecting a genuine portrayal of life. Prateek believes in influencing people by showcasing life as it is, unfiltered and real.

Join the Dapper Culinary Conversation:

"The Men Who Are Crafting Our Dine-n-Night" isn't just a podcast; it's an invitation to a dapper culinary conversation where stories unfold, visions are shared, and the magic behind the scenes is unveiled. Each episode promises to be a feast for the mind, offering a glimpse into the world of VRO Hospitality, where culinary tales are spun, and flavours take centre stage. Tune in to discover the narratives that shape culinary landscapes and join us in celebrating the craftsmen behind the gastronomic magic.

Conclusion - Stay Dapper, Stay Tamed:

As the culinary odyssey unfolds, Dapperly Tamed invites you to stay dapper and stay tamed. Join us on this flavorful journey where we explore the artistry, passion, and innovation that define the culinary realm. "The Men Who Are Crafting Our Dine-n-Night" is more than a podcast; it's a celebration of the vibrant tapestry of flavours, the visionaries shaping it, and the authentic stories that make every dining experience memorable.

Stay Dapper, Stay Tamed.