The House of Rare: A Rising Star in Indian Fashion Making Waves Globally

The House of Rare: A Rising Star in Indian Fashion Making Waves Globally




Indian fashion, renowned for its vibrant colours and rich ethnic motifs, has made a significant mark on the global fashion scene. However, few Indian brands have successfully ventured into contemporary Western fashion dominated by international giants like Zara and H&M. A notable exception to this trend is "The House of Rare," a premium and luxury fashion brand that has not only gained admiration in India and Asia but has also set its sights on conquering the global fashion market.


About The House of Rare:


The House of Rare is a subsidiary of Radhamani Textiles Private Ltd, one of India's most esteemed apparel manufacturing companies, boasting an annual manufacturing capacity of 2 million and 6 million units. The brand aims to establish itself globally with premium brands Rare Rabbit in menswear and Rareism in womenswear, offering the latest fashion trends at competitive prices in a premium environment.


E-Commerce Expansion:


In pursuit of global recognition, The House of Rare initially launched its exclusive collection on Koovs. The brand's European-styled apparel quickly garnered attention, leading to the development of Rare Rabbit and Rareism. Witnessing success, the brand decided to establish its online store in 2019. Choosing Shopify for its ease of setup and scalability, The House of Rare aimed to build an online platform that could grow with its global aspirations.


Shopify Advantage:


Shopify's user-friendly interface and scalability were crucial factors in The House of Rare's decision to choose the platform. The brand sought an e-commerce solution that allowed for easy customization, enabling them to focus on branding without the need for an experienced in-house tech team. Shopify's vast range of plug-and-play applications further enhanced the shopping experience for customers.


Seamless Payments with Razorpay Integration:


For a seamless shopping experience, easy payment options are vital. The House of Rare integrated with Razorpay through Shopify, allowing them to accept payments through various methods such as debit cards, credit cards, net banking, UPI, and digital wallets. This integration facilitated international orders, contributing to increased global conversions.


Minimizing Return to Origin (RTO) Ratio with Thirdwatch:


As conversions increased, The House of Rare faced challenges with fraud orders and a high Return to Origin (RTO) ratio. To address this, they integrated Thirdwatch, an AI-powered RTO and fraud detection solution by Razorpay. Thirdwatch processed data from the store to identify high-risk orders, enabling timely cancellations, detection of fake addresses, and prevention of fraudulent orders. The integration significantly reduced the RTO ratio, ensuring efficient order deliveries.


Shopify-Third Watch Synergy:


The Shopify-Third Watch integration empowered The House of Rare to implement customer recovery and loyalty strategies. Automated messages were sent to buyers of flagged orders, adding a layer of confirmation before shipping. The application's ability to predict impulse purchase patterns with high RTO rates allowed the brand to implement targeted strategies, such as offering direct discounts to incentivize upfront payments.




As The House of Rare prepares to scale its online store globally, Shopify's plug-and-play integrations ensure a robust infrastructure, allowing the brand to grow authentically and make its mark on the international fashion stage. The brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and seamless customer experiences positions it as a rising star in Indian fashion with global aspirations.